• Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet

    Polycarbonate Sheet Strong. Safe. Sustainable, reinvents modern architecture

    Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets possess advantages of both polycarbonate sheets and multiwall designs. The multiple walls help in reflecting heat and transmitting light and thus improves the thermal insulation properety of the sheets. They are lightweight and are easy to carry and install. These multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets are manufactured from UV stabilized resin that ensures the product meets the highest quality standards. With a wide range of options in terms of clear as well as diffused light, NATURE LITE Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets can provide a maximum of 80 % and a minimum of 25% light transmission. These polycarbonate roofing sheets allow light to enter, at a significantly lower heat transmission level, to ensure optimum illumination with maximum comfort.

    ⦿ Sustainable products ensuring health and safety
    ⦿ Anti-bacterial
    ⦿ Anti-scratch
    ⦿ Anti-fog
    ⦿ Unbreakable Polycarbonate

    Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets

    Main Benefits

    • High thermal insulation
    • Lighter weight than solid panels with excellent rigidity
    • Impact resistant
    • Excellent structural durability
    • Weather and UV resistant
    • Blocks virtually all UV radiation
    • Easy to handle and install
    • High fire rating

    Typical Applications

    • Architectural roofing and glazing
    • Skylights and sidelights
    • Conservatory roofing
    • Covered walkways
    • Illuminated signage and backdrops
    • Decorative partitions
    • POP merchandising displays
    • Greenhouse and garden center roofing

    Multiwall Sheet Standard Colors

    • Clear
    • Opal white
    • Lake blue
    • Dark blue
    • Bronze
    • Grey
    • Silver
    • Green


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